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Akin Fernandez Said That Bitcoin Unlimited Is 100% Anti-Bitcoin


The owner of the Bitcoin very own startup Azteco, Akin Fernandez, thinks that Bitcoin Unlimited is “100 percent anti-Bitcoin.” His comments come in the wake of the ongoing scaling impasse which has bedevilled the ecosystem.

He himself drafts what convinced him to bomb that conclusion:

“If someone land to your country and said, ‘we are going to ruin your government and take over the running of this country because we are richer than all of you put together. We do not bother want you want or think, all you need to obey us only, or you are free to roam anywhere’ you would say that that is “Anti-human” wouldn’t you?”

Bitcoin Unlimited will fail

Nonetheless, Fernandez is quite sure about the failing or plans behind this Bitcoin Unlimited. “If Bitcoin split, it will be unfortunate but core supporters will taste the win”, he asserted. “Core is holding marvellous developers in a team which is way more unique in its own.

Parallel to, he believes if Bitcoin splits, the altcoin “Bitcoin Unlimited” will have a different code base that cannot accept Core’s new software and immediately they will accelerate to diverge and fall behind in features and security.

The software engineer fill the gap with his words, that the ill effects have already started with Bitcoin Unlimited, who have just closed their source and are releasing binary only versions.

Hijacking the network

Then again Fernandez having a point in his mind to make that not only is the altcoin Bitcoin Unlimited violating the software licenses they agreed to but they are violating the “gentleman’s agreement of Bitcoin,” by launching an aggressive client onto the network in an attempt to hijack it.

He is a man of opinions and have one this time as well that exchanges will not list BU as Bitcoin but businesses are signalling that they want nothing to do with this as he puts it, “destructive, selfish, suicidal anti-Bitcoin coup attempt” and their decision is being made easier by the bugs in BU.”