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Financial Watch Dog On Crypto Currencies Warned Investors & ICO Participants

In Sloveniya ‘ The central bank observed that interest and awareness in crypto currencies from the public had grown alot, specifically seeing decentralized currencies as store of value investments. Now Slovenia Financial Watchdog openly issued a warning to retail all investors who have keen interest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin alongside a caution to ICO participants in the country. The Financial Stability Board is a macro-prudential authority which is comprising of a multi supervisory authorities including finance ministry and the securities, Slovenia’s central bank, and insurance regulators of the nation. FSB has warned citizens that crypto currencies like bitcoin are remaining in unregulated in the country. Investors of virtual currencies have to take risks which are in line with their personal preferences , financial capacity and investment goals.

Central Bank Warned

After judging the trend in other coutries. The Central bank told wait-and-watch approach is contrast to the total hardcore regulation against ICOs in Korea and China. In many countries where ICOs are currently banned could be for some public benefit. On the other hand countries and regions including giants like USA are working on legislation part that allow ICOs to participate in their societies. The central bank warned citizens the decentralized nature of crypto currencies consumer zero protection and  guarantees by the central bank or other state bodies. The watchdog has clearly warned initial coin offerings (ICOs) as startups raise funds for gain of capital via cryptocurrencies by selling their own crypto tokens to investors.