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Five Unique Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites

Five Unique Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites

Bitcoin is a latest and intriguing protocol that people can analyze, understand and research everyday. These huge data sites are filled with charts that give diverse information on the Bitcoin network. Further beyond basic chart sites also there are web portals that show data visualizations like node counts, network transactions and so much more to understand. In this article, we will discuss a diversified cryptocurrency monitoring websites that give a unique perspective of the innovative & latest technologies that are continuously transforming our world.

Map of Coins – (Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites)

Map of Coins is an unique interesting website that displays the past history behind the multiple altcoins or acryptocurrency in existence through a tree-like representation structure. For example, you can visit to the “BTC Map” and get a huge visualization of all the altcoins that were copied from the source Bitcoin protocol. Further, this website gives a unique visual representation of coins that were not copied from the BTC code like Cryptonote coins, Ripple, and NXT alongside etc a list of clones produced off those specific protocols. (Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites)

The website is a systematic “market-state visualization” tool that shows the close relationship between different multiple cryptocurrency by the size of their market capitalizations and existing trade volumes. The web page shows each coin represented by squares and rectangles with the largest or huge market caps based on volumes being the biggest shapes they have. Cryptomaps is an unique interesting perspective of the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem’s valuations and exchange rates.

Bitbonkers (Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites)

Bitbonkers is a different website that shows the Bitcoin blockchain’s blocks and transactions with shape of balls and squares that falls from the sky. Huge 3D squares represent recently mined latest blocks, while different sized 3D spheres represent transactions. A huge purple ball is 1k BTC, blue spheres represents 100-1000 smaller balls represent transactions down to 1 BTC or cryptocurreny. The website also keep records of current amount of BTC falling and the biggest transactions held.

Bitnodes Network Map (Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites)

There are many node sites that account for the number of nodes in the Bitcoin chain network. One of them is Bitnodes which is a website that has a revolving network map of all the reachable or available full nodes on earth. At present time there are 9560 reachable or available nodes within the Bitcoin network as per data of Bitnodes visualization. The revolving map give freedom to users to take a network snapshot and vizualize network information about each reachable node’s status at present.

The Real-time Bitcoin Globe (Cryptocurrency Visualization Websites)

The website work to block features a virtual real-time bitcoin globe that shows blocks and real transactions on the bitcoin blockchain across the world of cryptocurrency. The virtual model of the earth spins as as transactions and blocks take place in countries like China, the U.S., Europe etc. unique fature for Users that can zoom in on the earth toggling blocks and transactions alongside representing data detailing which mining pool mined as most recent block. The site’s 3D virtual model of the earth comprises an unique interesting visualization of the bitcoin ecosystem, but sometimes watching it spin can make you feel dizzy.

The digital or cryptocurrency universe is emerging very at large scale and these are just a few of the unque & interesting websites capturing a snapshot of blockchain technology. As the world economy continues to grow there’s bound to be a lot more websites showcasing the technology from a different point of view.