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Markets Today: It’s A Crypto Carnage

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There is blood everywhere! Wherever you turn, all cryptos are bleeding scarlet red. On top 10 at press time only one digital currency was standing.

It is gloom and doom as the Bitcoin scaling battle deepens. Yesterday Bitmain published a contingency plan it would implement if Segwit goes through on August 1. They are ready to go for Users Activated Hard Fork which opponents say it should be called Miners Activated hard Fork.

Knives are drawn and definitely, there is going to be casualties at the beginning of August. However, many believe whatever the outcome will be, Bitcoin will survive.

Markets Update

Bitcoin has taken a big fall of 10.63 percent fall losing more than $300 of its market price. It was even worst early on. It sold at $2452.86 as experts keep urging the community to hold since it will bounce back. Seems it was a correction and it is now stabilising.

Ether is also down by 10.08 percent. It is a pity since it nearly made it to $400 again. It managed to sell at $350.08.

Ripple is the only currency standing at this gloomy times. It is up 1.04 percentage point at a price of $0.267512.

Taking the 3rd highest fall of the day, NEM lost 12.65 percent. The exchanges listed its price at $0.191939 which is a far cry from the recent accumulations.

At the 5th position, Ethereum Classic is also bleeding profusely with an 11.88 percent downward adjustment. It could be bought for $17.95.

Litecoin has fought back to gain the 6th position after it lost it to newcomer IOTA. It declined 6.60 percent and was selling for $29.10.

IOTA caused a lot of mayhem yesterday when it invaded the top 10 sending some cryptos into the wilderness. Analysts believe it would have caused more harm if Bitfinex, the only exchange it is listed on has not suffered a DDOS. It is now selling at $4 and took the 2nd biggest drop of the day with 17.62. percent.

Dash is now the 8th most expensive cryptocurrency. It plunged 11.17 percent to sell at $161.52.

Today, the last but one on the top 10 is Bitshare. Its market price was $0.309473 whilst it dipped 12.13 percent.

Stratis completes the elite list for the day with the highest slip of 18.31. In fact, it was valued on the market at $7.80