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The Securities board and Exchange Commission of Thailand – Ukarain – Indonesia has warned ICO.


In recent days umpteen governments have announced statements pertaining to bitcoin regulations. The Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC Thailand) has made preliminary statements regarding initial coin offerings (ICOs).Other countries like Indonesian and Ukrainian central banks have clearly stated that bitcoin will not be recognized as a means of payment. Meanwhile Thailand’s SEC  strongly realizes that ICO may not yet fit properly with SEC Thailand’s current regulatory framework of legislation. The SEC Thailand is keen to adopt a rational policy work with regard to ICOs.

SEC is expressing a desire to strike the balance between current supporting digital innovation and protecting investors from potential ICO scams. The SEC highlights that  in some cases ICO may be deliberately or intentionally can be used as a tool for fraud or scam. The SEC Thailand encourages access to venture capital for businesses including high potential tech startups.

After Thailand now The Central Banks of Indonesia and Ukraine are in action (Ico’s)

Mentioning at a recent Ukrainian Financial Forum event the Hon. deputy chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine – Mr.Oleh Churiy, has revealed key insights into the government’s determinations regarding impending Ukrainian bitcoin regula. The CEO of Bitcoin (Ico) Indonesia has criticized the government for poor policies. The central Bank failed to fully recognize the technological phenomenon and innovative potential that bitcoin encompasses. Thatway Dermawan stated bitcoin(Ico) as a phenominal technological tool the workings of [bitcoin] need a strong policy frame work. When asked to discuss the development of Indonesia’s domestic bitcoin economy, Dermawan said that bitcoin (Ico) investment transactions in Indonesia are not much appreciable.

Indonesia’s central bank and the Bank of Indonesia has confirmed that bitcoin transactions are not legally recognized according to its “Service Provider of Payment System” (PSJP) legislation. At the begining of the month, Ukrainian legislatures met to conduct basic discussions regarding the legality of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies within the country.The preliminary discussions planned that Ukraine may go ahead to develop a permissive regulatory apparatus pertaining to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. But as final verdict ministry stated that Ukrainian officials have concluded that bitcoin (ICO) is not a currency due to the absence of a government issuer and that bitcoin (ICO) will not be legally recognized as a form of payment – Its Illegal by our laws.