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U.S. Based Company to Establish Thirty Five plus MW Mining Center in Sweden

The company has fetched & negotiated a deal with the municipality corporation of Älvsbyn granting and arranging TFOM a 1,500m2 data center amenity and a huge & state of art office facility. Boden-Älvsbyn hosts umpteen global companies professionally involved in high end performance computing tecnology and the blockchain technology. The Future of Mining (TFOM) is a Miami based company professionally indulged in mining trade and high performance computing services.

Management has announced that company is going to set up a data center in the Swedish technology hub of Boden-Älvsbyn. TFOM has clarified the Swedish expansion without any compromise. The company is expecting to secure the higher scalability of current mining operations. Company is now ready to find European clients for its high-performance computing services. TFOM describes and said above.

Mining Data Centre and Base of Operations in Northern Sweden

Brownfield is already housed by the National Telecoms Administration will share data center space with company. The site is connected with two of the three huge fiber grids running through the corridor area and is parallel to an 80 MW substation track by Vattenfall. Local mayor authority Helena Öhlund, has warmly welcomed the funding & investmment from TFOM management,  Appreciating Swedish finance regulators for encouraging economy trends towards growing cryptocurrency technology and blockchain technology.  Hereby Sweden is rightly going ahead on track to secure growth. So we are proud to take this next step together.