Use of Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is considered to be better than any other form of money that exists in the world for trading. It is better than any previous form of money ever that existed in the history of money. It has several benefits which cannot be beated and have no comparison. You do not need any third party gatekeeper. The reason behind is the unbeatable technology and uncomparable intelligence. It has the potential to bank the unbank specially in the developing countries.

It has benefit of both physical and electronic currency

  • As with physical money you do not need a third party to authenticate the transaction, similarly with electronic money you can instantly transfers money from anywhere in this world to anywhere else over the internet. This is due to brilliant technology at the back end.
  • With Bitcoins even though it is electronic and it is digital you have the right to spend it without giving your data and with out leaking your privacy
  • There is no one to decide if the transaction is viable to take place or no ; as in case with other financial institutes who decide if a transaction can be completed or not.
  • Let’s now look upon how Bitcoins are already being used today:
  • You can purchase video games
  • You can also buy gifts and books
  • You can even buy servers
  • Several currency exchanges exist where you can exchange your Bitcoins with dollars, Euros and many other currencies.
  • Bitcoin is a great way for small businesses and freelancers to get noticed.
  • It doesn’t cost anything when you start accepting Bitcoins
  • There are no charge backs or fees and you will get additional business from Bitcoin economy.